There are three strands to my research:

For more details of these topics, stay tuned! Or you can read my articles on the arXiv or INSPIRE. You can also find me on ResearchGate, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Recent news

Our article was published in Nature. The first percent level determination of the axial coupling of the nucleon from first principles! More information here and here, for example.

Old news

In central Michigan at the end of July? Come to my plenary on "Recent developments in x-dependent structure calculations" at the lattice conference, at Michigan State University. See you there!

I will be heading to the DNP in Pittsburgh in October to give an invited overview talk on Theoretical approaches to nucleon structure, as part of the Mini-Symposium on Theoretical Approaches to Nucleon Structure. See you there!

We've now had two of our correlation heatmaps make it into the Physical Review Kaleidoscopes, for June 2017 and September 2015.